_Season Report Ash 2

Ashfielod 2 Team Captain’s Report 2017-18

Results 14 Games - Won 7 Draw 1 Lost 6 Finished 4th of 8 teams in Division 2 on 15 points

Players and Appearances 12 players turned out for the team. We had a changing line-up. Phil 14 and Alan 13. Jerry 9, Bob 8, Neil 7, David and Nigel 5, Alex 3, Glenn and John Shaw 2, Trevor and Ray 1.Of the regulars Alan was the most successful with 8.5/13. Neil scored well with 4/7 and our occasional players did well- Alex 2.5/3, Nigel 3/5 and John 2/2

Story Line Good start to the season. We experienced a Winter dip with a run of 3 losses in Jan- Feb. The low point of the season was our defeat at West Bridgford in February by 4.5-0.5. We rallied and ended the season on a good note with wins v Newark, Nomads and West Bridgford 2

Analysis Results by Board- Board 1 39% Board 2 46% Board 3 36% Board 4 64% Board 5 71%.

There were stronger teams than us in the division. We played very well in a 3-2 defeat at Grantham 2 when our Average Grade was 141 to their 161. Our average grading was also 141 against Grantham X, whose team against us I work out as having an average grade of 157.(Using my opponent’s ECF grade of 178 not his club estimated grade of 147.)

It was an o.k. season where we probably played in line with grading. My thanks to everybody who turned out and stood by as reserves. I don’t think we defaulted a board. 

 Phil Morgan