_Season Report Ash 3

After being promoted fortuitously, Ashfield 3 maintained its reputation as the "yo-yo team" by coming 7th out of 8 and returning to Div 3 with 4 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses, giving a total of 9 points. This was far from disgraceful, given the grading differences in most matches, and the final board count was only -9. We were still hopeful of survival up to the last 2 matches.

An almost incredible 16 players turned out for us during the season, illustrating the difficulty of putting out a regular team. For once, the captain didn't let the side down and scored a surprising 71/2 out of 10, though he lost all his games for Ashfield 2 & 4. Only Steve Bak of the other semi-regulars achieved 50%.