W. Bridgford 1 v Ash 1

posted Mar 20, 2018, 1:41 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Apr 2, 2018, 2:44 PM ]
West Bridgford 1 v Ashfield 1    19.3.18

The home team have fielded some weakened teams this season. Tonight the significant team news was the absence of their talisman, Robert Richmond. This brought to my  mind a favourite episode of Top Cat when Officer Dibble was off work in sight of the beat record.
Robert's absence gave us a psychological lift, and the course of games soon moved in our tide. Steve and myself were happy to agree early draws, and the victories in due course arrived on the 3 remaining boards. Glenn "The Machine" Halfpenny confirmed his welcome return to form with his third consecutive win. David was winning for a long time and eventually wore down his opponent's stubborn resistance. John nursed a very pleasant advantage on Board 1 with a strong passed pawn and active pieces. Brian had to sit and suffer to defend his second rank. Brian looked to activate his Knight, and  he glimpsed equality when Rooks were swapped and he snatched the passed pawn. He offered a draw. John moved his King towards the Knight, before it dawned on Brian and spectators that the Knight was trapped on the open board, coralled by John's Bishop - a nice finishing touch to a very satisfying evening for the visitors.The clubhouse and bar for once stayed open for the duration of the match. 

B Thompson           0 v 1      J Molyneux
R Murphy               0 v 1      G Halfpaenny
W Atiomo Sr       1/2 v 1/2   S Burke
F Hill                       0 v 1      D Levens
C Budd               1/2 v 1/2    P Morgan

Result 1- 4 on the night, amended to 0-5.  Home team penalised  for the Board 4 and 5 players not playing in order of strength.

Ashfield 1 live to fight another day , at least until Gambit 2 play Mansfield 1. We occupy 7th place in Division 1, a point behind Gambit 2. Both teams have 1 remaining game.