W Bridgford 2 v A3

posted Feb 3, 2018, 11:31 AM by Phil Morgan
W.Bridgford 2 v A3  29.1.18

A3 did it the hard way in this relegation dog-fight. Board 3 (not Alan this time) arrived late after a trip to the wrong venue. The team recovered from this with wins for Neil , Alan and Nigel. Trevor was also set for a decisive win until he slipped into a parallel universe where games are played without clocks, For a sequence of 7 moves he failed to press his clock. As his time ran down and with less than 5 minutes on his clock he was still studiously recording his moves*. His opponent at 1 point sportingly reminded him of his omission. With little time left to win his position , Trevor agreed a draw. 0.5 game points are transferred to the home team for the game default, making the final score a 2-3 win for Ashfield.

Will Atiomo  0  - 1  Neil Graham
Chris Fraser  0  - 1 Alan Robinson
Chris Budd  1 def.
Mike Hunter  0  - 1  Nigel Wright
Frank Hill  0.5  - 0.5 Trevor Lewis   -

* For recording with under 5 minutes on his clock, Trevor will be sent to the Neil Graham Easter Correctional Camp.Neil regards this as a cardinal error and still hasn't forgiven me for committing this in a County match in 2004.