West Bridgord 2 v Ash 2

posted Feb 13, 2018, 9:22 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Feb 13, 2018, 9:33 AM ]
W.Bridgford 2 v Ash 2     12.2.19

The home team who had previously scored only 1 League win this season saw us off in dominant fashion

I fell first. Mike Hunter jumped on my errors in the middlegame, seized the initiative and never let go. Alan was then stunned by a tactical blow from Roy Woods. Alan appeared to have won his opponent's queen but Roy had seen further and unleashed a rare counter-shot, his Bishop, supported by a Rook, forking King and Queen. To stay in the game Alan had to take The Bishop with his queen, but in a rare moment of chess blindness, moved his King out of check and lost his Queen for nothing, after which there was no way back. Chris Fraser too got the scent of victory in his nostrils and forced Trevor to swap into a losing ending. The match already won , Richard Truman, who had contained Jerry'[s pressure launched a winning counter-attack , as Jerry ran low on time. Our best chance for a win was Nigel, because of his big edge on time. Chris Budd had at least equalised, when the players agreed a draw. There was no way of Nigel making progress on the board, even though Chris was down to about 25 seconds. 

WB2  v A2

1. R Truman   1- 0   J Herrington
2  M Hunter    1- 0  P Morgan
3  C Budd       draw N Wright
4  R Woods    1- 0   A Robinson
5  C Fraser      1- 0  T Lewis

Result  4.5 - 0.5

( In our mid-season slump I have contracted a bad bout of losing captainitis. In our last 3 games I have lost to opposing captains - Graham Ladds, Andy Robins and Mike Hunter.
 In our remaining games do I look to face up to and challenge opposing captains , or shall I try to dodge them.? Am I a Man or a Mouse ? )