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A Plea For Promptness.

posted Sep 27, 2019, 4:09 PM by Phil Morgan
After our first home match of 2019-20 as a captain, I'd like to thank players who arrived early and helped to set up equipment. For captains, it's very reassuring to see all team members arrive before the scheduled start time . If players are late, this  creates anxiety for captains, particularly because of our League rules regarding team order. 

Some late arrivals are unavoidable because of traffic problems. My beef is with home team players who are habitually late
This can delay the match start time , which is inconsiderate to opponents, who may be travelling some distance, or. if clocks are started, they may lose some time on the clock, which can be costly in a game of fine margins,
 Late arrival does not set a good example to youngsters who may be present at the club.

Players who arrive early and help set up equipment show respect for their team-mates , opponents and the game of chess.