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Bob's Travels

posted Feb 10, 2019, 3:54 AM by Phil Morgan

Chess is a game for players of all ages. Like most clubs, many of us are "oldies" and currently we have no junior players. At least 7 of us are of pension age. Bob Taylor retired from employment in June and has taken the opportunity since then to travel and play more chess. He played in the British Championship in Hull last year and will play in this year's event at Torquay. He has several entries planned including Blackpool in March and the English Seniors Championship.

Aided by Google time-line, Bob has worked out his itinerary as: 

"19 places visited. 

14 cities. 

I traveled 5,384 miles. That's 21% around the world. It works out at 195 hours walking, 229miles.

Transport 664hours, 5,154miles.

Furthest trip was Dundee. Longest trip was Llandudno. 


230,166 milestone go to the moon"  ( Not quite sure I understand Google's calculations - Ed.)

Bob and most of our club's top players will be in action at our club on Weds 13 Feb. when A1 host League leaders, Grantham 1 and A3 play Newark 2 in what may be a tight relegation battle.)