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Steve Bak

posted Feb 28, 2019, 12:17 PM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Mar 3, 2019, 12:45 PM ]
Steve Bak

The Club has been informed today of the recent sudden death of club member, Steve Bak. Steve died on the 6th, February as a result of a massive cardiac event. His death was very quick and very painless.

Trevor Lewis wrote that the news of Steve's death is a huge shock and sadness. Steve has been a club member for 5 years and was a third team regular. Steve's last game was on the 16th January, when he told Trevor of his decision to give up League chess. Trevor was sorry to hear this as Steve was a fine , attacking chess player who was achieving some excellent results. It seems incredible that he should have died just 3 weeks later.

 Trevor has passed on to the family his and our club's condolences for their sad loss.

Steve set up our current Club website. It was entirely his creation, a product of his brains and I.T. expertise. The puzzles on the home page and anything other than text were put on by Steve. The site provides a fitting, living memento of this aspect of Steve's contribution to our Club. 

Steve's last 2 League games are published here in full

S. Bak v B Hayward 2.1.2019
1 e4  e6   2 d4 d5  3 Nd2  Nd7  4 e5  c5  5 c3  Ne7   6 f4  Nf5   7 Ngf3  Nb6  8 g4  Ne3  9 Qe2  Nc2+
10 Kd1  Nxa1  11 b3  cxd4   12 Nad4  a6  13 Bb2  Nxb3  14  axb3  Bd7  15  f5  Be7  16 N2f3  Rc8
17 h4  Na8  18 g5  Nc7  19 f6  gxf6  20 gxf6  Bc5  21 Qg2  Bb5  22 Qg7  Rf8  23 Ng5  Bxf1  24 Rxf1 Qd7
25 Nxh7  a5  26 Rg1  Nb5  27 h5  Nxd4  28 cxd4  Bb4  29 Nxf8  Bxf8  30 h6  Qb5  31 Qg3  Bxh6
32 Ba3  Bf8  33 Bxf8  Qc6  34 Bc5  Kd8  35 Qg8+  Kc7  36 Qxf7+  Kb8  37 Rg7  Qa6  38 Qxb7  Qxb7
39 Rxb7  Kxb7   40 f7 1-0 

Brian - "The game illustrates his (Steve's) aggressive style of play. Its a game I think that I ought to have won if I had seen 32 Kd7. My king would have been safe whilst his king was terribly exposed. But at that stage I was very short of time, and have no explanation, other than the pressure he had put me under, as to why I instead blundered my bishop, and he quickly broke through." 

White Steve Bak  vs Black Alex Webster   Notes by Alex

Ecf 139.                    Ecf 160

Date 16.01.19

Before the game started we had a conversation about draws in chess being of less interest to both of us.

1.e4 e6

2.d4 d5

3. Nd2 c5

4. C3 cxd4 black decided to give white an isolated pawn. However as you will see, steve shows great understanding of how to play with an isolated pawn. Steve plays a text book example of active attacking chess using the open board and central squares for his pieces to attack black.

5. Cxd4 dxe4

6. Nxe4 Bb4 gaining a tempo 

7.nc3 nf6

8.qa4 nc6

9.a3 removing the pin. Be7 

10.nf3 0-0

11. Bd3 nd5

12. Qc2! Nf6 black is forced back.

13. Be3 Bd7

14. Ng5 white begins the attack on blacks king. No fear and a will to win! 14...h6

15. H4! Rc8 Taking the knight loses. 

16. Nh7 Removing blacks best kingside defender. 17...Nxh7

17.Bxh7 kh8

18. Bd3 b5 throwing a posion pawn down the queenside trying to distract whites fierce kingside attack.

19. Qd2! Sidesteps and keeps the attack rolling 19...Bf6

20. Bxb5 white is a clear pawn up. 20...ne7.

21.Bxd7 Qxd7

22. Ne4 another attack on blacks now fragile kingside. 22...Ng8

23. Nxf6 Nxf6. Black decided to offer a draw, not wanting to play on, in the very hard endgame ahead and all in whites favour.

Steve being a gentleman accepted to share the point in which i was very lucky with, as Steve completely outplayed me.

Stockfish gives about half a pawn up for white, but to me this endgame looks almost lost for black.

With this game Steve bowed out from League chess on a very good note.

 In 2018-19 he played 7 League games for Ashfield, with 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. He played in the Isle Of Man International Tournament in October scoring 4/7. In previous years he played in the London Chess Classic.

He had a full life outside of chess and loved trips to Scotland and spending time with his grandchildren. He will be much missed.