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Notts League

Individual Performances 2018-19

posted Apr 30, 2019, 8:38 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Apr 30, 2019, 1:33 PM ]

I's not been a vintage seasons for our teams, with 3 relegated and one promoted, but there have been some excellent individual performances
Top Wins - based on Aug. 2018 grades

M. Jackson 106 beat G Ladds 155
N Graham   148 beat D Redman 193 and A Combie 176
P Brace 117 beat C Grainger 161 and N Graham 148
R Taylor 139 beat B Thompson 174 and S Bhayat 162
J Shaw  131 beat J Finn 166
D Levens 152 beat R Richmond 183
P Clarke  104 beat S Luland 132
S Bak 139 beat D Williams 159

Top Draws 

N Wright 133 drew with J Cast 171 and twice with I Burridge 151
P Morgan 147 drew with R Richmond 183, twice with B Thompson 174 and with A George 169
R Dyce  96 drew with G Hopkinson 129 and C Sergeant 129
P Clarke 104 drew with R Willoughby 137 and C Bonello 124
R Taylor 139 drew with M Maciezjewski !69E
J Shaw 131 drew with G Ladds 155 and twice v Alex Bentley 151
S Burke 172 drew with N Birtwistle 196, S Okhai 192 and J Burnett, 192 
P Kelman 136 drew with H Croasdale 159
S Bak 139 drew with A Webster 160
M Jackson 106 drew with G Bosworth 127
P Brace 117 drew with P Gorecka-Marshall 137

We have lots of players who work hard at improving their games, as shown by these results. We have players in all teams who can be very hard to beat, as I experienced playing and drawing with Richard in our current Club Championship.

W.Bridgford 3 v A4

posted Apr 30, 2019, 5:42 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Apr 30, 2019, 5:43 AM ]

Our fourth team completed the League season short on troops again. They'll be happy to drop down into Division 5 nest season where they can field a 4 board team.

West Bridgford 3 v Ashfield 4 (8 April 2019)
1 Walentowicz S (100E) 0.5 v 0.5 Sayer R (104)
2 Fancourt L (116) 0.5 v 0.5 Clarke P (104)
3 Brown A (114) 0.5 v 0.5 Dyce R (96)
4 Milford M (105) 0.5 v 0.5 Dawson R (93)
5 Abrahart B (100) 1 v 0 Default (n/a)
3 v2

Gambit 3 v Ashfield 3

posted Apr 18, 2019, 11:25 AM by Phil Morgan

Gambit 3 v Ashfield 3  16.4.19

A3 finished off the season in some style with a fine away win. The entire team played solidly, including Richard on his elevation to the third team. Pride of place has to go to the wins of Paul and Trevor against Brian and Keith. The third team have left their mark on Division 2 this season. 

Gambit 3
John Huthwaite  1/2
Brian Hayward  0
Keith Roper  0
Peter Gorecka-Marshall  1/2
Gary Hopkinson  1/2

Ashfield 3
Bob Taylor  1/2
Paul Kelman  1
Trevor Lewis  1
Peter Brace  1/2
Richard Dyce  1/2 

Result  1.5 - 3.5

University 1 v Ashfield 2

posted Apr 14, 2019, 11:28 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Apr 14, 2019, 11:44 AM ]

Uni 1 v Ashfield 2 10/04/19

University 1 v Ashfield 2 (10 April 2019)

We knew that in our final League game of the season we had to earn a point more than Nomads, playing on the same night, to snatch the runner-up spot. We were helped by a board default, and also Neil and myself seized commanding early advantages. We didn't make the most of these. My opponent developed some threats, until I found the winning line, which had been in the position much earlier. David's draw assured us of at least a point. Neil had lost his dominant position, but spotted a tactic to claim a draw to win us the match.

On the way home, we learnt that Nomads had lost at Long Eaton , confirming our second place finish.

University 1 v Ashfield 2
1  Finn J  (166)  0.5  v  0.5  Levens D  (152)
2  Gillespie D  (157E)  1  v  0  Herrington J  (157)
3  Pincheira B  (128)  0.5  v  0.5  Graham N  (148)
4  Dabner T  (129)  0  v  1  Morgan P  (147)
5  Default  (n/a)  0  v  1  Taylor R  (139)

2  v

At Christmas we were mid-table on 50%. Since then we've been very consistent . In the second half of the season we've won four and drawn 3 games, losing only 7 individual boards. We finished the season with a board difference of +13, matching University, winners of the division. A2's promotion ensures the club retains its place in Division 1, which it has occupies since 1992-3.

Ashfield 1 v Newark 1

posted Apr 9, 2019, 6:27 AM by Phil Morgan

A1 v Newark 1  3/4/19

We needed a point to give us good chances of escaping relegation, and fought very hard but couldn't quite secure this.

Molyneux            1/2        Smith
Burke                  1 – 0      Combie
Halfpenny           1/2        Tardi
Levens                0 – 1      George
Herrington          0 – 1      Jazdsevski

Captain's Report "It went down to the last gasps ...
John was better, but had to accept a draw.
Then Jerry lost and David (I understand) turned down a draw at some point (judging he needed to keep the game going at the time) and later lost an exchange.
I finished with a nice win, and so it was down to a Q+Ps ending where Glenn was better.
We spent some time looking at this interesting ending and it seems that Glenn was winning against Zoltan but, playing on the increment, couldn't quite find the winning line... A fitting end to a very uneven season."

Ashfield 3 v Nomads 1

posted Apr 9, 2019, 6:13 AM by Phil Morgan

A3 v Nomads 1  3/4/19

The game seemed tight for an hour. Bob and Nigel seemed to have possibilities in sharp openings. Their opponents saw deeper into the positions, navigated through any difficulties and seized the ascendancy.
 Shane and Maurice also built up strong pressure which led to winning advantages. Peter seized a draw for the home team to get us on the scoreboard. Nomads climb back to second place in the table, with one game left to play.

A3 v Nomads 1

1. R Taylor     0-1   J Harrison
2  N Wright    0-1   D Flynn
3 P Kelman   0-1   S Bayhat
4 T Lewis      0-1   M Hill
5 P Brace     draw G Neill

Result 0.5 - 4.5 

 Second place in the division now seems to lie between Nomads 1 and Ashfield 2. Nomads are a point ahead. Both sides face potentially tough final League fixtures.

A4 v Radcliff + Bingham 2

posted Apr 3, 2019, 7:15 AM by Phil Morgan

A4 v R+B 2  27.03.19

The result of Ashfield 4 vRadcliffe & Bingham 2, played 27/03/2019, is as follows: 

Ashfield 4                            1  -  4                        Radcliffe & Bingham 2

Andrew Flint                        0  -  1                       John Hart
Peter Clarke                       0.5 - 0.5                    Chris Bonello
Richard Dyce                       0  -  1                      Chris Fraser
Ric Dawson                        0.5 - 0.5                    Charles Morton
Default                                 0  -  1                      Stephen Morley 

Ashfield went down to a buoyant visiting team who even brought their own spectator following. The defaulted board made no difference to the result. 

Ashfield 2 v Newark 2

posted Mar 28, 2019, 11:55 AM by Phil Morgan

A2 v Newark 2  27.03.19

Our consistent recent play was kept up against a team desperate for points. Newark have some very attacking-minded players. Most of the games were very sharp, but as the match advanced it became clear we stood well.  Bob looked to have a very dominant  position, which Keith somehow held. David's position was also very pleasant, and he converted without difficulty. Neil agreed a draw. My opponent played an unsound sacrifice, leaving me a piece ahead. Seeing this, Nigel agreed a draw to put us 2.5 -1.5 ahead, seemingly assured of victory.
 The script suddenly changed when I blundered my Rook. Fortunately I  still held good drawing chances. Ian knew a draw would not save his team from defeat, and went all out for a win long after this was a practical possibility. He could have saved himself but went down fighting, trying to save his ship.

1 D Levens     1-0   D Jazdzewski

2 N Graham   draw G Ladds

3 P Morgan    1-0   I Burridge

4 R Taylor       draw K Aiton

5 N Wright      draw  G Bosworth


Result 3.5 -1.5 

With 1 match to play, we seem to be battling with Nomads 1 for the runner-up spot in division 2. 

Ashfield 1 v Gambit 1

posted Mar 24, 2019, 8:34 AM by Phil Morgan

A1 v Gambit 1  20.3.19

Molyneux   0 – 1    Adams
Burke          0 – 1    Mercs
Halfpenny   0 – 1    Barnes
Levens        0 – 1    Swain
Herrington   1/2      Naylor
Captain's report - Puts us in the last chance saloon against Newark in a fortnight!
Didn’t see a lot of the other games. John was quite quickly into a losing double rooks and pawns ending, one pawn down and then David lost a piece somehow. At that point I and Jerry tried to play for a win in level positions.
Glenn always seemed to be lacking in active play and succumbed eventually. Jerry drew and I was the last to finish, losing an ending after some adventures – as always against Pete! Smile

Ashfield 3 v Long Eaton

posted Mar 24, 2019, 8:29 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Mar 24, 2019, 8:36 AM ]

A3 v Long Eaton   20.3.19

Another excellent effort in defeat  for A3 against a club first team. Pick of several good results was Nigel's draw against his ECF 173 opponent.

Long Eaton
Julian Cast  1/2         Nigel Wright 
Alex Bentley  1/2       John Shaw 
Andy Robins  1/2       Paul Kelman
Norman Davies 1/2    Trevor Lewis
Sam Clayton  1 - 0     Malcolm Jackson 

Result  3-2

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