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Ash 3 v Gambit 3

posted Jan 4, 2019, 6:08 AM by Phil Morgan
A3 v Gambit 3     02/1/19

Alex Webster. 1-0 John Huthwaite
Steve Bak. 1-0   Brian Hayward
Nigel Wright. 0-1 Keith Roper 1
Default.    - 1 Peter Gorecka-Marshall 1
Trevor Lewis 0-1 Gary Hopkinson

Result  2.3 on the night (Penalty for default above bottom board likely)

Gambit completed the double on their visits to Ashfield this season, helped by a board win on default. The 4 games played on the night were all decisive results. A3 won the top 2 boards. Alex castled Queen -side, which seemed to give John a good attacking opportunity. John made errors which Alex punished. Steve  left his King in the centre of the board, and launched a King-side pawn storm, which gave him the initiative and the game. Gary outplayed Trevor. The last game to finish as when A2 played Gambit 3 was Nigel v Keith. It was tight. Nigel pressed hard with litle time on his clock for the win the team needed, but Keith always seemed to have the answers and finished off with a neat checkmate