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Ashfield 1 v Newark 1

posted Apr 9, 2019, 6:27 AM by Phil Morgan
A1 v Newark 1  3/4/19

We needed a point to give us good chances of escaping relegation, and fought very hard but couldn't quite secure this.

Molyneux            1/2        Smith
Burke                  1 – 0      Combie
Halfpenny           1/2        Tardi
Levens                0 – 1      George
Herrington          0 – 1      Jazdsevski

Captain's Report "It went down to the last gasps ...
John was better, but had to accept a draw.
Then Jerry lost and David (I understand) turned down a draw at some point (judging he needed to keep the game going at the time) and later lost an exchange.
I finished with a nice win, and so it was down to a Q+Ps ending where Glenn was better.
We spent some time looking at this interesting ending and it seems that Glenn was winning against Zoltan but, playing on the increment, couldn't quite find the winning line... A fitting end to a very uneven season."