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Ashfield 2 v Gambit 3

posted Sep 30, 2018, 1:10 AM by Phil Morgan
26,9.18 A2 v Gambit 3

This was a very exciting match with 5 decisive games and a cliff-hanger of a finish. We drew first blood when Brian inexplicably blundered his Queen. Gambit hit back. I wasted my opening edge and was outplayed by John Huthwaite's mating attack. Pete Brace threw the kitchen sink at Gary , sacrificing a piece for a very dangerous looking attack. Gary's defence held firm and when the dust had cleared his extra material proved decisive. John Shaw played a nice, controlled attacking game to square the match. The final game in play could have gone either way. At one point it seemed to be turning in Nigel's favour, but playing on the increment, his decision to exchange Rooks was costly. He got 2 pawns up but could not advance them . Keith's King penetrated the position, giving our visitors a deserved victory on the night. 

1 P Morgan   0-1  J Huthwaite
2 R Taylor     1-0  B Hayward
3 N Wright    0-1  K Roper
4 J Shaw      1-0  P Gorecka-Marshall
5 P Brace     0-1  G Hopkinson

Result 2-3