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Ashfield 2 v Long Eaton

posted Feb 7, 2019, 4:12 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Feb 9, 2019, 12:29 AM ]
Ashfield 2 v Long Eaton  6.2.19

We reversed our earlier season defeat in a contest which could have gone either way. The match result swung on Board 3. Alex entered a Q, R and pawns ending with good winning chances. I had some drawing chances based on perpetual check and a passed pawn which was ready to be plucked off. In focussing on snuffing out any hopes of perpetual check by trying to trade off queens, the pawn was left to live and advance, and my Queen was pushed to more active squares. Our game turned on its head. Boards 4 and 5 also saw our Queens penetrate against airy, vulnerable Kings. We punished their mistakes.

The visitors won the top 2 boards. Julian won a piece, and Dave won a neat ending in a game which had become by then a dead rubber.,.

1. A Webster        0-1   J Cast

2  J Herrington     0-1   D Williams

3  P Morgan         1-0   A Bentley

4 R Taylor             1-0   A Robins

5 N Wright             1-0  N Davies

Result   3-2        With 4 games remaining , we move to +2 from our 10 games played. Last season we finished the season in fourth psition +1.