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Long Eaton v Ashfield 2

posted Nov 29, 2018, 2:31 AM by Phil Morgan   [ updated Nov 29, 2018, 2:51 AM ]
Long Eaton v Ashfield 2   28.11.18

On the day Magnus Carlssen retained the World Chess title, Long Eaton , minus their captain, scored their first League win of the season. The game was won on the top 2 boards, and we could not quite claw back the deficit, despite Neil somehow winning a piece from a seemingly dead position. Congratulations to the home team for their win and the sportsmanship they showed on the night. Dave kindly reminded me that I did not need to record my moves, when I'd slipped into my last 5 minutes. Sam Clayton played very resourcefully to hold the very tense last game in play and classily offered Nigel a draw when Nigel had two seconds left on his clock.( without increments).. We fought hard in defeat . Nigel played on as long as he could to try to secure a result for the team, and I gave Dave a moment's scare after appearing dead and buried. 

1  J Cast        171   1-0   D Levems  152
2  D Will;iams 159   1-0   P Morgan  147
3 A Bentley     152   draw R Taylor    139
4 N Davies       Ung,  0-1   N Graham 148
5 S Clayuton   111    draw  N Wright   135

Result    Long Eaton - Ashfield  3-2