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Nomads 1 v Ashfield 2

posted Feb 19, 2019, 5:48 AM by Phil Morgan
Nomads 1 v Ashfield 2  18.2.19

2 closely matched teams remain on +2, promotion prospects intact.. I agreed an early draw as pieces were swiftly traded off. Neil offered a draw soon after, perhaps hastily judged by the relieved reaction of his opponent. Boards 5 caught our mood and another draw was agreed.
Boards 3 and 4 were left to fight it out. Maurice had an early initiative, until the tables turned and Bob played an exemplary game to put us ahead. Dave Flynn had a big attacking initiative in the last game in play, threatening to open lines and expose Nigel's King. Nigel's Knights did not look pretty on the back rank. Nigel resisted extremely stubbornly and David was finding it very hard to break through. In the nick of time , Dave traded down to a winning Bishop ending.  

1. J Harrison    draw  N Graham
2  S Bhayat       draw P Morgan
3 D Flynn         1-0      N Wright
4 M Hill             0-1     R Taylor
5 D Griffiths    draw   J Shaw

Result 2.5 -2.5  Honours even. One of these teams could be in danger of attaining promotion to Division 1.