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West Notts 1 v Ashfield 1

posted Sep 17, 2018, 5:18 AM by Phil Morgan
WN1 v A1   10.9.18

An early start to the season, and a valuable point earned. Our top boards were in good nick with solid draws against strong opponents. Our lower boards couldn't quite back up. My opponent played into a hole in my opening preparation and I was lucky to salvage a draw. Alex turned down a draw, which seemed the right decision, as he had winning chances and our boards around him did not look promising. Ross Murphy exploited a back rank weakness before Alex could convert his pawn on the seventh rank. Glenn had been under pressure on the Queen side , but his g4, g5 pawn advance swung the game decisively in his favour. 

J Willow      218       1/2    J Molyneux 200
S Okhai        192     1/2    S Burke  172
A Clare         169     0-1    G Halfpenny 171
R Murphy      149   1-0    A Webster 160
R Willoughby 137  1/2    P Morgan  147